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Interior designer Max Yermolov


Live, create, get high!

With more than 13 years of experience in design, we continue to learn, grow, develop and help us in this, of course, our clients, setting us extraordinary tasks that are not similar to each other in their implementation, each new project carries a different function, aesthetics and emphasizes the individuality of the customer. Sometimes the idea is very easy, and sometimes it is born in difficult discussions and creative disputes, on what it depends, it is difficult to say. But the result of our work in the end is always exactly the interior that our clients dream of. We know how to find a compromise and be flexible, we know how to defend our point of view, we know how to listen and hear the customer. We are ready to create together with you a new wonderful project and make it a reality. Yours faithfully, head of the studio Maxim Ermolov.